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Sheet metal cutting and processing

We are capable of a variety services within the area of sheet metal processing


We offer a wide range of options for welding.

  • P1039172

    Robotic welding

    Robotic welding is an automated welding process in which the welding is performed by machines, but the process is constantly controlled and monitored by welders. Robots can quickly and consistently produce accurate and high quality welds, which is especially beneficial for repetitive welding operations. Prostor Design has been providing robotic welding to customers across all industries since 2020.

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  • Mig-Mag-2-162×214

    Mig/Mag and TIG/WIG welding

    Arc welding in a protective atmosphere is a welding process in which a wire electrode is melted under a protective gas at the point of contact and joins the parts to be welded without the molten material reacting with air.

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    Spot welding

    Spot welding or spot resistance welding is a type of resistance welding that is particularly suitable for precision work when welding sheets of various sizes and compositions.

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    Bolt and stud welding

    Capacitor discharge welding, also called capacitor pulse welding or capacitor welding, is a type of resistance welding in which a capacitor is discharged into the element to be welded, such as a bolt or stud.

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Other services

We have much more to offer

  • P1072182

    Powder coating

    Powder coating is a process that protects conductive materials such as steel and aluminium from corrosion and wear over the long term. Powder coatings used in this process typically consist of granulated epoxy or polyester resin particles with particle sizes from 1 to 100 µm. These powders are then applied to pre-prepared parts at temperatures up to 250 °C, where they are baked into the surface of the parts and the particles are also bonded together.

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  • P1072432


    Our company does not only manufacture switchboards, but we also offer assembly of manufactured parts into individual units - subassemblies of machines and equipment, production of devices and their parts.

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    Electrical installation

    Wiring, mounting and assembly of switchboards is another of our comprehensive services on the market. We equip the manufactured cabinets - switchboards with mechanical and electrical components. Complete assembly - rewiring of the switchboard, including functional tests is a matter of course with us.

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