Spot welding

Spot welding, or spot resistance welding, is a type of resistance welding that is particularly well-suited for precision work in welding sheet metal of various sizes and compositions. Therefore, it is often used to firmly join smaller sheet metal parts to larger elements, including those made of other materials.


What is resistance welding?

In resistance welding, two electrically conductive materials are directly heated and welded electrically. The necessary heat is generated by the electrical resistance in the parts through which the current is passed. The material is usually heated to the point of fusion until the two parts join together in a liquid state. However, solid phase bonds are also possible with some materials. This means that an additional material is not necessary as in other welding methods.

Spot welding is a resistance pressure welding process with which different metals and metal combinations can be precisely welded. Here, parts are heated by electrodes only at their point of contact for a short time to concentrate the heat on the smallest possible area. In the process, the parts are pressed together under high pressure to produce a strong joint. This process is mainly used for nut welding, in the automotive industry, and in the electrical industry e.g. for the production of capacitors, circuit breakers, or connections of coils.

Advantages of spot resistance welding

Spot resistance welding has several advantages over other methods, which is why it is especially useful when processing thin sheets.

  • It can be used to precisely join various materials of different thicknesses
  • Spot welding is particularly energy-efficient, as only the joining point is selectively heated
  • Components are not damaged by excessive heating, which is especially important with small components
  • It does not require filler material and is therefore particularly useful with smaller components
  • Spot welding can be automated especially well for mass production

With the help of the spot resistance welding process, we can precisely weld together various sheet metal parts for you. We can also process filigree sheet metal parts for various applications without any problem.

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