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We are PROSTOR Design

PROSTOR-design s.r.o. offers comprehensive services in the field of CNC sheet metal processing. Our own powder coating plant is equal in quality and price to the offer of a specialized powder coating plant. In addition to sheet metal fabrication services, we also undertake electrical installation and assembly of the complete product to ensure that we are able to cover the standard range of customer requirements.

We offer complete machine and plant development followed by sheet metal product design and CNC manufacturing. Our portfolio also includes reengineering of current products. Sheet metal products such as switchboard, electrical switchboard, IT cabinet, rack cabinet, industrial cabinet or other sheet metal enclosures are our main production focus of CNC sheet metal fabrication.

Machine and equipment development, sheet metal parts design and reengineering is a superior service that foreign companies are increasingly interested in. Our biggest advantage is that our own development and design is adapted to our technological capabilities as much as possible, therefore we always keep not only the quality but also a very good price.

In our CNC sheet metal processing operation we offer sheet metal punching, sheet metal punching and sheet metal bending capabilities on TRUMPF machines, sheet metal bending is performed by a bending press again from TRUMPF. Welding of sheet metal using MIG / MAG and WIG / TIG according to EN 287-1 is a standard in our company, as well as spot welding of sheet metal and resistance welding. Intermediate technologies we offer welding of bolts, bolts and nuts, pressing of bolts and nuts into sheet metal, riveting, threading etc..

The powder coating plant is equipped with WAGNER equipment, which guarantees a high requirement for surface quality. In the pre-treatment we use a product from Henkel, which degreases the product, but at the same time protects the surface of the product against corrosion – phosphating.

The production of cable harnesses, the mounting and rewiring of switchboards and the assembly significantly complements our offer on the market. Thanks to these workplaces, the products leave us completely assembled, fitted or packaged according to the customer’s requirements, who then dispatches the goods directly to the end consumer.

We are a modern European company and our goal is to find solutions for your personal and corporate success.

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At PROSTOR Design, we emphasize the use of state-of-the-art technologies that ensure the highest possible quality of the final product.

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Prostor Design over time

  • 2021

    Automated coating system and new facilities

    In September 2021, we launched a fully automatic painting line, including chemical pre-treatment, with HDLV application technology from NORDSON. In June 2021, the renovation of two halls that we previously leased was completed and now have been turned into completely modern new production facilities, including new facilities for employees and management.

  • 2020

    CLOOS Welding Robot

    In December 2020, we gave ourselves a state-of-the-art welding robot under the Christmas tree, including brand new technologies for welding aluminium. This workstation allows us to significantly increase our welding capacity and quality, including the demanding welding of aluminium.

  • 2019

    Historically highest company turnover and laser sheet metal cutting

    In this year our company's turnover exceeded the magical 100 million mark. CZK. In April 2019, we installed a new technology for us, laser cutting of sheet metal with a combination of punching, i.e. a machine from TRUMPF with the designation TRUMPF TC 6000L. This machine allows us to offer a complete portfolio of technologies in our field.

  • 2016

    100% increase in production capacity

    We installed another TRUMPF TP 3000 punching machine and another TB 5085 bending machine. This doubled our production capacity, while achieving the largest number of employees in the company's history.

  • 2015

    Wiring of switchboards

    We have been awarded a multi-year contract for the complete wiring of industrial switchboards for an Austrian company. We have built a new workplace with a total of 15 professional staff.

  • 2009-2012

    Global economic crisis

    After the dynamic development of the company came a rapid and steep fall. These were difficult times, not only for our company, but for society worldwide.

  • 2008

    Purchase of production area and punching machine

    It was a great and crucial moment for our company, we agreed with the current owner to sell the entire premises to our exclusive ownership. In the spring we installed an important technology for us - a machine for sheet metal punching, which until then we had been cooperating and buying from other companies. We have become completely independent suppliers of sheet metal parts.

  • 2007

    Powder coating

    Another technology difficult to co-operate with was powder coating. Unreliability, poor quality and unwillingness to cooperate forced us to acquire our own powder coating plant, including pre-treatment. Later on, this step proved to be quite crucial for the further functioning of the company.

  • 2006

    CNC bending

    The company's development so far has forced us to purchase the first CNC technology in the company's history, namely CNC sheet metal bending. By this point, cooperation had grown so much that we decided to expand our existing technology to include bending. A huge step to become fully independent from dependence on suppliers.

  • 2004

    Production of sheet metal parts

    This year, thanks to the entry of a new partner, the company completely changed its business plan, i.e. the production of sheet metal parts.

  • 1994

    Formation of the company

    The company PROSTOR-design s.r.o. was established on 24.11.1994 with the business purpose of selling office furniture, including complete customized office equipment. It also offered, as one of the few at that time, a complete graphic design of offices.

Prostor Design Team

Our company is all about capable people, get to know them.

  • Portrét Pavel Gelnar

    Pavel Gelnar


  • technic_ikona


    Assistant to the Managing Director

  • Portrét Hana Vorlíčková

    Hana Vorlíčková

    Head of Administration

  • P1072378

    Martin Zelenka

    Head of Sales

  • Portrét David Matějka

    David Matějka

    Head of Production

  • trnkova

    Ivana Trnková

    Tech. Support

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We collaborate with numerous big and small companies from all over the world.


Sheet metal cutting, sheet metal punching, sheet metal bending and other sheet metal processing services are ordered by companies from all over the world, e.g. from the USA, Japan, but of course also from Austria or Germany.

Founded in 1994, the company has an experienced team of experts and a modern information base. This guarantees a high quality of service and your satisfaction.


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