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TRUMPF TruPunch 3000

Sheet metal processing requires the use of high-quality machines for punching, especially in the manufacture of filigree parts.

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TruPunch 3000 1

TRUMPF TruBend 5085

Our TRUMPF bending machines are paramount for the efficient production of sheet metal parts. At Prostor Design, we focus above all on high consistent quality and efficient manufacturing.

  • Weight:

    8300 kg

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Trubend 5085 1

TruMatic 6000

Our TruMatic 6000 CNC machine combines world-class laser cutting and punching technology. This allows us to combine multiple processes, such as punching and cutting from sheet metal.

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Trumatic 6000

TruBend 5170 & 7036

Accurate and efficient sheet metal bending is indispensable in sheet metal fabrication.

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Trubend 7036 1

Nordson Spectrum HD

Bringing our customers high quality as well as affordable performance requires the use of equally high quality equipment for production.

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Kohler Peak Performer 30.1250/21

During sheet metal processing, especially thermal operations such as laser cutting, stress is created in the material. As a result, there are unevennesses in the machined parts that need to be corrected. To solve this problem, a parts leveler is used. We use a Peak Performer type 30.1250 parts leveler from Kohler for this purpose.

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Fronius TransPocket 1500

To ensure high-quality production, it is necessary to use the best possible equipment. Therefore, for manual welding with CO2 we use the Fronius TP1500 welder. This allows us to weld parts manually quickly, flexibly and with high quality.

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After punching, splitting, pressing, and welding comes the grinding process. This is used for deburring and gives a finished component a clean appearance.

  • Weight:

    1500 kg

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CLOOS QIROX Compact Cell CC-6.1

Being able to offer our customers consistent high quality requires that we invest in the right technologies. This includes our CLOOS QIROX compact cell QR-CC-6.1.

  • Year of manufacture:


  • Accuracy:

    XX mm

  • Technology:


  • Weight:

    XX kg

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