TruBend 5170 & 7036

Accurate and efficient sheet metal bending is indispensable in sheet metal fabrication.

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Parts must be produced quickly, energy efficiently and with high angular accuracy. To do this, our machines must also operate quickly with minimal manual intervention to keep costs competitive. To do this, we use two high-quality bending machines from Trumpf (TruBend 5170 and TruBend 7036).

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TruBend bending machines are known primarily for their ease of use and efficiency. Their simple (and partly automated) tool change also achieves economical results, especially for small batch sizes. The compact TruBend 7036 is used primarily for small and medium-sized sheet metal parts up to 1000 mm in length. It can quickly and accurately bend even the smallest parts, which allows us to efficiently produce filigree parts.

The TruBend 5000 series, on the other hand, is also suitable for much larger and thicker parts, with a bending length of up to 3230 mm and a much more formidable pressing force of 1700 kN. 

Our TruBend 5170 machine has an on-demand servo drive, which is not only particularly energy efficient, but also very fast. The tactile angle measuring system, together with sensors that automatically check the thickness of the sheet, ensures angular accuracy for all types of material. This allows us to guarantee accurate bending of thin and thick sheets.

Advantages of TruBend Machines

  • Operator-friendly controls, ergonomic comfort rest, and stand/sit assist minimize worker fatigue and increase efficiency
  • Thickness-Controlled-Bending (TCB) eliminates errors due to variations in sheet thickness
  • Angle measuring systems guarantee precise bends
  • Efficient tool change is especially efficient for small batch production

TruBend 5170 & 7036

Accurate and efficient sheet metal bending is indispensable in sheet metal fabrication.


Technical Data:

TruBend 7036 TruBend 5170
Pressing force 360 kN 1700 kN
Bending length 1020 mm 3230 mm
Width between columns 932 mm 2690 mm
Usable open height 295 mm 615 mm
Throat 150 mm 420 mm
User interface Touchpoint TruBend Touchpoint TruBend
Max. speed of the Y-axis 25 mm/s 25 mm/s
Length 1900 mm 3980 mm
Width 1340 mm 1900 mm
Depth 2380 mm 3000 mm
Weight 3300 kg 14150 kg
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