Sheet metal bending, braking, and processing

With our highly-accurate TRUMPF CNC bending machines we offer comprehensive sheet metal braking and bending services for your custom-made products on demand.


CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines enable the fast and fully automated production of various sheet metal parts, assemblies and products, which is why they have a key function in sheet metal processing. They can quickly and accurately bend, brake and fold sheet metal to complete otherwise complex projects at low cost. 

This allows manufacturers to complete simple, as well as complex product concepts and mass produce quickly.

Our bending technology

CNC bending machines with 3 axes (Y, Z, R – CNC and Z1 Z2 – manual) are relatively small, but can still be used for various functions. The important thing is that with CNC control, the automated production allows us to produce parts in large quantities with dimensional accuracy and at low cost. 

At Prostor Design we use a Trumpf TruBend 3100 bending machine which performs metal sheet bending and braking tasks for us. With a press force of 660 KN, this machine can easily process sheets of various thicknesses (including thicker sheets). 

What kind of sheet metal can be bent?

Sheet metal materials enable the production of complex product concepts in addition to relatively simple machining. Here, however, it naturally depends on the exact material, as well as the thickness of the sheet. Thicker sheets are harder to bend and harder sheets need to be bent in a larger radius than softer ones to prevent the sheet from cracking. At Prostor Design we work mainly with aluminum and steel sheets and sheets from stainless steel, but we can also process copper and brass sheets.

If you are interested in how we can help you with your project, please feel free to contact us!