Robotic welding

Robotic welding is an automated welding process in which the welding is performed by machines, but the process is still controlled and monitored by welders. Robots can quickly and tirelessly place precise high-quality welds, which is especially beneficial for repetitive welding operations.


Prostor Design has been providing robotic welding to customers in all industries since 2020.  

Aluminum, stainless steel and steel sheets are among other materials best suited for robotic welding as well as other welding processes. Our welding robot is equipped with the latest MoTion Weld technology for welding and brazing of very thin sheets by MIG/MAG and TIG/WIG methods.

Our technology: CLOOS Compact Cell CC-6.1

Our welding robot is a fully compact robotic workstation from CLOOS (QIROX compact cell QR-CC-6.1) with automatic table change for maximum operator safety while ensuring the best possible work productivity. This is how the robot and its operator work together.

While the robot is welding, the operator on the overlying side feeds the next parts into the fixture for welding. Then the table is changed and the process repeats.

MoTion Weld process (MoTion Vari Weld and MoTion Control Weld)

Our welding robot features the MoTion Vari Weld and MoTion Control Weld processes from CLOOS. Thanks to these innovative technologies, we can now significantly improve the usual results of the original TIG welding process, especially when welding thin and very thin sheets. In addition, they allow us to weld even parts with variable or unstable gaps without compromising the welding quality.

Robot welding – advantages

  • Very fast – effective welding
  • Exactly the same quality for all parts
  • Production of defect-free parts
  • Suitable also for small series production
  • MIG/MAG and TIG/WIG welding at one workplace
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, steel

When does robot welding make sense?

Robot welding is always worthwhile when identical welding processes have to be performed repeatedly. Since the necessary effort to program the device is relatively low, it is worthwhile to use it even for small series.

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