Sheet metal laser cutting

Laser cutting is a cutting technique that enables precise cutting of metals and other materials to size. The desired shapes are separated from the sheet metal without contact with a dimensional accuracy of 0.1 mm. Thanks to our advanced laser technology, we are able to produce sheet metal elements according to any design economically and…

náhledová laser

Our technology from TRUMPF

Our precision sheet metal parts are produced with TRUMPF CNC machines of the highest quality (TruMatic 6000, TruPunch CNC machine). These offer almost unlimited possibilities in CNC sheet metal processing thanks to a combination of standard sheet metal cutting and laser cutting.

At Prostor Design we use a combination of CNC technologies (sheet metal laser cutting, punching and braking) to precisely cut sheet metal. In addition, we offer simultaneous sheet metal forming, threading, embossing, and pressing of grooves and ventilation ribs. In addition, we guarantee careful CNC processing even for a very thin sheet, when the quality requirements are the highest.

Our TruMatic 6000 is a universal machine with advanced laser and punching technology that can effectively process very thin, but also thick sheets with a maximum sheet thickness of 4.00 mm. The high power of the punching head and the CO2 laser allow a particularly high productivity here. 

Our high-quality concept, whereby production takes place in just a few steps, also ensures high energy efficiency, reducing both production costs and environmental impact.

Why laser cutting?

In contrast to other processes, CNC laser cutting is excellent mainly because of its flexibility and efficiency. The greatest advantages being:

  • Efficient use of material, as there is very little space between elements in the sheet.
  • Can be used with almost all materials and with thin as well as thicker metal sheets
  • Economical production even with very small batch sizes
  • Possibility to perform other operations, e.g. punching, drilling, or bending at the same time.


We will be happy to support you with your project. If you would like to learn more about laser cutting and our other CNC services, please feel free to contact us!