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Focusing on quality, we try to remain competitive, efficient and flexible.
Certification of our company according to ISO 9001 standards is best proof of our commitment to quality. Together with the benchmarking, it gives us the ability to measure the progress of our business results.

Benefit of ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard focused on quality management, applicable to any organization from all areas of production and service.
SO 9001 is based on eight quality management principles, essential for good business relations.
Fully implemented, they can significantly contribute to increase of performance and to the success in a competition. These are following principles:

  • Customer focus – organizations depend on their customers and therefore need to shape all of its activities to meet their requirements and expectations
  • Leadership – necessary to ensure unity of intentions and management
  • Employee engagement – to create a suitable atmosphere for all employees to fully participate in achievement of organizational objectives
  • Process approach – ensuring the achievement of business goals, resources and activities that are necessary for optimal process supervision with knowledge of their inputs, outputs and interactions.
  • System approach to management – systematic approach to key activities of the organization ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its management.
  • Continuous improvement – the implementation of this principle in daily activities is essential for success in highly competitive market
  • Decisions based on facts – effective decisions are always based on the result of data and information analysis
  • Mutually beneficial business relationships – only relationships like these are able to create a value, that will satisfy all parties.


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